Houston’s Peril: Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 5

Ardent Redux Saga Season 1 from the Ardent Redux Universe by Science Fiction Author J. L. Stowers

A Space Opera Adventure

Part of the Ardent Redux Saga

by J. L. Stowers

Published by Sixth Moon Publishing

Release Date: September 29, 2018

About the Book

She’s waited her entire life for this moment… she just didn’t see it coming.

Dani Devereaux thought her life path was crystal clear.

Perfect her abilities as a pilot and serve the Galactic Conglomerate, just like her heroic late father. But was she ever really in control?

The surprise of her life turns Dani’s universe upside down. Now she has to figure out which way is up… and, in typical Dani fashion, she’ll sort it out while fighting for her life.

The Houston is in danger.

Rescuing her will require the combined efforts of the rebels, the pirates, and, of course, Dani and her crew… but will they be enough?

Everything is at stake in the fifth installment of the Ardent Redux Saga.

About the Author

J. L. Stowers is a science fiction author living in Idaho. Her books and stories often take place in the far future and feature adventures of space travel and alien encounters. With a passion for space opera, Stowers enjoys writing tales that empower the underdog to do the right thing in worlds where the wrong thing tends to be the norm.

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