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An open book with the innermost pages bent into the shape of a heart. This symbolizes the heart of each author that brings the hard work and drive together into the finished product.

Boost Your Author Website

At Sixth Moon Publishing, we know how much work you put into your book. That’s why we are working hard to provide a variety of affordable author services designed to help you stay in touch with your readers online.

With so many publishing and social media platforms available, adding a logo, website, or search engine optimization to the list can feel overwhelming. However, building a strong online presence on the internet lends to your credibility as an author while giving you another avenue to reach fans.

We want to take “overwhelming” out of the equation and provide clear, actionable steps to help you incorporate your author website into your marketing strategy. After all, your website should do more than just sit there. Your author site should work hand in hand with your social media to share your brand with the world.


Logo Design

The first element of any great website is the logo.

Your author logo should represent you and be easily identifiable to your fans.


It should be included in your web design, email marketing, social media, and even on the back or spine of your book cover or in your book’s interior.

We have helped many authors and small businesses by creating a logo that speaks to them while complimenting their brand and relaying their genre. We’re looking forward to accepting new logo design clients in the near future.

A Venn diagram featuring the makings of a good logo for authors. A good author logo should be versatile, relevant, and iconic.

Website Strategy

Whether you’re just thinking about building your author website, or if you have one already – revisiting your website strategy is never a bad idea. 

A website blueprint acts as your roadmap through the web design process.


Having a solid plan makes engineering your website so much easier. It also saves a lot of headaches down the road when you decide to expand your design or release your next eBook.

 A blueprint can also help you decide how you want your website menu to work ahead of time. A great menu plays a big role in the user experience. Users should be able to easily navigate your website to find the information they’re looking for.

Your website blueprint needs to do more than provide a good user experience, however. It also needs to help the search algorithm understand your website. When these algorithms understand what each page on your website is about, they are more likely to serve up your URL on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Sixth Moon Publishing has experience created both simple and complex website blueprints as well as plans to build out the website in the most effective way.

Sixth Moon Publishing will soon have a website strategy guide available to help you understand how you can create a website that serves your needs as an author and appeals to your readers and search engines alike. We’ll also be offering one-on-one consultations to authors in the future for those who want individualized feedback.

Website Design

Website design is a great way to let your creativity shine. Your web design is another way to feature your brand along with your book. Website designs should include information, a great color palette, graphic design elements, a font that is easy to read on all screen sizes, and of course, a great menu.

The way your site looks can leave a lasting impact on readers and really help convey the concept of your genre as well as the emotions you want your customers to experience. However, bad website designs can have a negative impact on customers. If your website is hard to view in their browser, is too slow for their computer or mobile device, or is difficult to navigate, readers may get frustrated and leave your website before they ever find what they’re looking for.

Sixth Moon Publishing offers a variety of author web design services to meet your needs and budget.

An example of web design featuring the website of science fiction author J. L. Stowers.

Blog & Webpage Content

Once you have your domain, strategy, and design planned out, the next step to building your site is adding the content. Content on websites should be optimized in such a way that it displays correctly on Google search, social media, and anywhere else the content is shared.

These days, authors are so busy working on their next manuscript, staying in touch with their mailing list, and keeping up with social media that writing a blog just sounds like another thing on a long to-do list. That’s why we’re putting together a guide to help you get the most out of your blog.

Author SEO

If you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO before, then there’s a good chance you at least have a general idea of how involved it is. We’ve worked in the SEO industry for over a decade. We have a firm grasp of how SEO works and what types of SEO help authors improve their online presence.

An image of an open book with author and book SEO bubbles rising up out of it.

Traditionally, SEO is expensive. But we’re putting together an SEO-Lite toolkit designed specifically for the author community. We’ve tested and tracked which methods move the needle the most for the least amount of effort. We’ve then taken those aspects of search engine optimization and made them even easier for the non-fiction and fiction authors alike. 

Not only will this toolkit go hand-in-hand with your web development, but it will be at a budget-friendly price for the cash-strapped author as well.

Press Releases

Every author dreams of media buzz about their next new book release, but not all writers understand the power of a press release. A press release is more than just another method of advertising.

The press release plays a vital role in the digital marketing world.

 This document conveys important, newsworthy information about the novel, cover design, and author. A properly written press release can also link back to a suggested URL. So, not only does it get the word out about the publication, but this type of book marketing also helps the website marketing strategy by providing valuable backlinks to the author’s website. These backlinks play an important role in search engine optimization.

 We want to give authors the knowledge they need to construct and distribute a press release in a way that makes financial sense for their business model and book marketing strategy. We have made connections in the world of press releases that we hope to utilize to help authors with this segment of digital marketing.

Sixth Moon Publishing Author Services

Coming Soon

We'll soon be offering author services for logo design, website strategy, website design, content, SEO, press releases, and more.

Our goal is to make the fundamental building blocks of author website design and marketing strategy available to any author who is willing to put forth the effort to learn about it. For those who would rather hire someone for website design services, we’ll be there to help with that too.

Stay tuned with updates to our website as we roll out these new services, or drop us a line to let us know what services might interest you.

Email Sixth Moon Publishing today at to get more information on a future website design package, logo package, or information regarding search engine optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I work with Sixth Moon Publishing?

Jennifer, the owner and operator of SMP is a science fiction author with over a decade of experience writing optimized content for client websites. Her insight into the author experience combined with her SEO testing and training has led to an insatiable drive to give back to the author community. Since she left her day job in 2021, she has been dedicated to helping authors conquer the commonly faced issues when it comes to websites and search engine optimization.

Honest and transparent, Jennifer strives to find a balance of effective services and fair pricing to help authors with their web design needs.

Do authors need a website?

Like anything in the book industry, need depends on the goals the author sets for themselves and their author business.

While there are authors who make a good living without a website, here at SMP we believe that websites are the foundation of a larger book marketing strategy.

Engineering a website with growth and optimization in mind puts authors in a better place to control the narrative about themselves and their books. In addition, with more and more authors turning to direct sales, web design for authors is even more important.

How much does an author website cost?

Author websites come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple landing page or home page to a complex site featuring multiple book series, there is no one price fits all. A skilled web designer will take the time to get to know their client and their needs, then quote them for a website that aligns with their goals.

We aren’t taking any new website clients at this moment but will make an announcement when we open up to new clients. We are always happy to discuss website development and SEO. If you have questions about your website or are looking for more information about your first website, you can reach us at 

When will you have more information about your author services?

We are diligently working with a local small business development center and an entrepreneurship law clinic to ensure everything is in place to offer services in a way that protects both SMP and our clients.

While this may mean that services become available a little more slowly, potential clients can rest assured that the reason for the delay is that we’re doing everything we can to ensure everything is set up properly and in accordance with the law.

That being said, if you have questions about our future services or something you don’t see listed here, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll respond to you at our next available opportunity.