Darkness Within

Darkness Within from The Law of Possession Series by Urban Fantasy Author Hope Ironsmith.

Part of The Law of Possession Series

by Hope Ironsmith

DLB Publishing

Release Date: May 1, 2023

About the Book

I thought my fears were my worst enemy until I heard a voice inside my head.

Growing up an orphan, I longing for a simple life free of my phobia of darkness. But life threw a curveball my way—a fallen angel’s voice promised to help me overcome my fears if I allowed it to take control, to use me to “Punish the Sinners.”

As the possession becomes more apparent, concern grew for my well-being. The guy I liked was more intrigued by the voice than by me. Matters grew worse when two homeless girls were kidnapped right before my eyes. The police now suspect I’m on drugs and think I kidnapped them.

I’m just trying to keep my friends safe and stay out of trouble. But then I wake up next to a dead girl and freeze some bad guy’s fingers with a touch, it’s clear things have to change. Time is running out, and unless I wrestle control from the fallen angel possessing me, things could get a lot worse.

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About the Author

Hope began weaving fantastic tales to her daughter until she grew up. She took those tales and other tales she thought up and began her writing career. She has a fascination with urban fantasies where people in the real world develop magic and power to keep evil at bay.
When she’s not writing, Hope visits her retired old grey mare- Coco, spends time with her cat Lewis as well as family and friends.