Ardent Redux Saga: The Complete First Season: Episodes 1 - 5

Ardent Redux Saga Season 1 from the Ardent Redux Universe by Science Fiction Author J. L. Stowers

A Space Opera Adventure

Part of the Ardent Redux Universe

by J. L. Stowers

Sixth Moon Publishing

Release Date: November 12, 2018

About the Book

Dani Devereaux captains Alaska’s Vengeance, the ship that has won countless battles against the Vaerian advances into human space.

But when the aliens bring a new weapon to war, everything goes sideways leaving millions dead and billions more demanding blood. The government needs a scapegoat and their accusing eye lands squarely on Dani and her crew.

Dani takes full responsibility to protect her crew. In her solitude she has plenty of time to dwell on how recent events don’t quite add up. And Dani’s not the only one. Someone is leaving her a trail of clues that point to corruption at the highest levels of government. But the death sentence that was handed to her ends up being just the beginning.

As a new tyrant moves into power, Dani gets a second chance at life. She rallies her crew and they embark on a new mission: to eliminate corruption at its source before more innocent lives are lost.

The first season of the Ardent Redux Saga features episodes 1 – 5:

    • Vengeance Lost
    • Osirion’s Ascent
    • Uncharted Territory
    • The Dead Zone
    • Houston’s Peril

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About the Author

J. L. Stowers is a science fiction author living in Idaho. Her books and stories often take place in the far future and feature adventures of space travel and alien encounters. With a passion for space opera, Stowers enjoys writing tales that empower the underdog to do the right thing in worlds where the wrong thing tends to be the norm.